January 2019 Board and Zoning Meeting

Wednesday 1/16/19

Join us for the January Community Meeting of the Whitman Council. Meeting takes place in the basement of the Mt Carmel Church.

Join us for our January Board and Zoning meeting. We will have 2 zoning issues to discuss at 6:30 pm. The Board meeting will follow at 7 pm. We will be honoring Bill Keller for all he has done for our neighborhood. Please come out and show your thanks!!

Zoning Issues:
2349 S. Lee Street – the erection of a third floor
addition and a rear addition on an existing attached structure. For the erection of a roof deck and roof deck access structure for use as a single family household. 

2501 S. Philip Street – the erection of an attached structure with roof decks and roof deck access structures, for use as two (2) dwelling units (two family household living)

All are welcome!